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Seit Januar 2012 bietet Dub-O-Rama Dienstleistungen als Künstlervermittler an. 
Diese Aktivitäten nun "Künstleragentur" zu nennen wäre freilich übertrieben, denn es handelt es sich um Co-Booking - ich bin kein Alleinvertreter der vorgestellten Künstler, sondern Unterstützer im Bewerbungsmarathon um Gigs in Clubs und Festivals. 

Band The Clerks Ornah-Mental The Senior Allstars
Style Ska - traditional as pop-influenced
Ethno-Beat & Kraut Rock with esoteric and dub influences Reggae & Ska with jazz-, dub- and ambient influences
Biography Firmed 2000 in Köln (D)

Cologne ska-addicts formed this band to spread a big mouthful of ska energy in germany. German lyrics with critical positions about our society, politics and life meet the respect and the lust on traditional ska! 

On their live gigs they know really how to work with the public... energetic, interactive, fun spreading and overwhelming!  

Firmed 2000 in Berlin (D)

Dirk Schlömer started his career as guitarist in the last line-up of the legendary TON STEINE SCHERBEN. Today he plays the guitar for NEUES GLAS AUS ALTEN SCHERBEN and is known by his band DAS ZEICHEN. ORNAH-MENTAL is his most ambitioned project - known for several gigs on the Burg Herzberg Festival and some live specials around it.

A really wicked band, in presentation as musical style... 
Firmed 1992 in Münster (D) as 
"Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars",after splitting with the leadsinger 2002 because he saw his future in 'projects' they continued as "The Senior Allstars". 

Before "Dr. Ring-Ding" had chosen his lasting artist name for a new project, he was called "Prof. Richie Senior" - and the name for his backing band was born. 

Today the band plays fulminant and atmospheric live sets - just instrumental and spiced with dub influences, but very melodic as groovy!

Discography reservebank EP
Selfmade 2001
ska world
Triggerfish 2002
planet orange
Wolverine Reocrds 2005
antenne offbeat
Wolverine Reocrds 2007
wolverine records  2010
African Dance Records 2001
QuiXote 2004
take time out
Herzberg Verlag 2007
Herzberg Verlag 2009
the maja incident
Herzberg Verlag 2011
sniff EP
Grover Records 1999
Grover Records 2000
red leaf
Grover Records 2006
come around
Skycap 2008
Skycap 2009
in dub
Skycap 2011
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Line Up Gero Kuntermann - guitar, vocals
Florens - organ
Fabian - drums
Alex - bass
Tobi - trumpet
Tim - trombone
Pascal - clarinet, sax, flute
Dirk Schlömer - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Leander Reininghaus - guitar, mellotron, dubs
Carsten Agthe - percussion
Georg Lohfink - drums
Martina Grünewald - visuals
Markus Dassmann - guitar, keyboards, melodica
Gudze - bass
Thomas Hoppe - drums
Arne Piri - keyboards
Material download track "steh auf"

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download track "come to me (dub-o-rama remix)"

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download track "everybody (dub)"

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Status of booking co-booking, passive co-booking, passive co-booking,active
The Clerks Ornah-Mental The Senior Allstars
Actual Gigs
Dortmund - Dietrich-Keuning-Haus

Bernhard Groha
Reichswehrstraße 21, D-44143 Dortmund
Fon: ++49 / 231 / 81 35 98
USt.Nr.: 317/5063/3876

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