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01.03.2012  München - Feierwerk
02.03.2012  Marburg - KFZ
03.03.2012  Köln - Underground
04.03.2012  Hamburg - Fundbureau
08.03.2012  Villach (A) - Kulturhofkeller
09.03.2012  Bamberg (D) - Morphclub
10.03.2012  Olbernhau (D) - Tivoli - Mink
16.03.2012  Zürich (CH) - Stall
17.03.2012  Luzern (CH) - Vasco da Gama
23.03.2012  Zug (CH) - Galvanik
31.03.2012  Losone (CH) - La Fabbrica
05.05.2012  Freiburg (D) - E-Werk
12.05.2012  Kaltern am See (I) - Culture at the Station (Festival)

THE SENIOR ALLSTARS 30.03.2012  Münster - Hot Jazz Club

GROUNDATION 02.05.2012  Stuttgart - Universum
03.05.2012  Hamburg - Fabrik
04.05.2012  Berlin - C-Club

THE BLACK SEEDS 03.05.2012  Köln - Underground
04.05.2012  Münster - Gleis 22
05.05.2012  Berlin - C-Club
07.05.2012  Hamburg - Fabrik
08.05.2012  Dresden - Scheune
10.05.2012  Tübingen - Sudhaus
11.05.2012  Basel (CH) - Kaserne
12.05.2012  Zürich (CH) - Moods
13.05.2012  München - Ampere

LUNAR 3 10.03.2012  Münster - Clubschiene
24.03.2012  Leipzig - Beyerhaus

BABA ZULA 25.03.2012  Hamburg - Fabrik
27.03.2012  Köln - Stadtgarten
30.03.2012  Hamburg - Fabrik
02.04.2012  Mannheim - Alte Feuerwache
03.04.2012  Freiburg - Jazzhaus
05.04.2012  Bielefeld - Kamp
06.04.2012  Berlin - Lido
08.04.2012  München - Ampere
09.04.2012  Erlangen - E-Werk

British Reggae Festivals

Where's the Reggae Festival at?

Where do you go in the summer if you want to hear some sweet Reggae music whilst sat in the sunshine? How about if you want to skank the night away to some Ska before crawling back to your tent? 
Dready Sam attempts to find out…

If you live on the continent you have nearly 100 festivals dedicated to Reggae & Ska music and it’s sub-genres to choose from. One of the biggest is Sunsplash in Italy. This festival lasts for 10 days and has an amazing line-up. 2009 saw Horace Andy, Steel Pulse, The Congos, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Beenieman & Buju Banton alongside smaller lesser known reggae acts. In an idyllic location where the sun is far more likely to shine than the UK it seems like a bargain at 150 Euros. With Reggae festivals in France, Spain, Holland, Croatia, Belgium & Germany you are never far away from a weekend of Reggae sounds.

If you are in the US there is also a huge amount of festivals dedicated to sweet Reggae music. Of course in the homeland of Jamaica there are also many Reggae Festivals and most people would say that would be the ultimate place to go to a Reggae Festival.

Back here in the UK things are quite different. The UK has never had a proper Reggae festival. A few attempts have been made, the Reggae Festival of Wales for example was a small event but successful. Unfortunately council and police red tape as well as other factors meant this only went ahead for two years. There have been some other events but most have been nothing more than day long gigs. The Notting Hill Carnival is most defiantly a celebration of reggae music but cannot really be considered a festival. There is also Boss Sounds festival which is two days of reggae music at an indoor venue but as there is nothing outdoors and no camping this doesn’t really fit into what we are looking for.

How could this be? The UK has played a massive part in evolving the Reggae scene into what it is today. UK Reggae is undoubtedly regarded as highly as its Jamaican inspiration.

At last in 2008 the UK hosted a proper Reggae festival, One Love, to mark 20 years since Bob Marley played the One Love concert. The event was such a success that it was repeated in 2009. The line up included Alpha & Omega, Adrian Sherwood & Brother Culture, Channel One ft Mikey Dread, Smith and Mighty, Macka B & Nucleus Roots.

I spent the weekend at Endorse-it in Dorset Festival for UK Reggae Guide to see the Reggae bands there and to try and find out why the UK is so behind the rest of Europe when it comes to putting on a Reggae festival. I also talked to people that love their Reggae music. I have discovered that getting Jamaican artists over to the UK requires too much government red tape and visas will often not be granted. I found that the police and councils make it hard to get a licence for a festival which has been wrongly stereotyped into the sort of event that is likely to attract drug use and violence.

Sam Wilkinson

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